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Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu(September 2009~)

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 58 (SEPTEMBER 2018)

10 Years after the Act on Fiscal Rehabilitation of Local Governments Sachio KONISHI
Contributed Article
Tax Expenditure and National Audit Offices in the Budget Process of UK and Sweden: Focused on Tax Expenditures of VAT Satoshi SEKIGUCHI
Gender Differences in Welfare Migration Patterns among the Elderly in Japan Katsuyoshi NAKAZAWA

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 57 (MARCH 2018)

The Accounting and Auditing Crossover of Government Sector and Private Sector Hiroshi YOSHIMI
Refereed Articles
The International Comparison of Financial Condition between Japanese Local Governments and U.S. States: A Statistical Study using Financial Statements Kentaro HARAGUCHI
Oversized Garbage and Collection Charges: An Empirical Analysis Rena AKAMATSU
On the Local Consumption Tax and Its Revenue Allocation Formula in Japan Toru NAKAZATO

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 56 (SEPTEMBER 2017)

The Verification of Determinants of the Budget Levels in Incorporated Administrative Agencies Kosuke OYAMA
Contributed Article
Stock Value of Public Capital in Japan based on Productivity Effect of Public Capital: Economic Evaluation of Price of Investment by the Estimation including Capacity Utilization of Public Capital Masaki NAKAHIGASHI
Refereed Articles
The Fund for Comprehensively Securing Regional Health and Long-term Care in Japan Yui OHTSU
The Problems and Prospects of Impairment Accounting of Incorporated Administrative Agencies: Ten years have passed since application Nobuo AZUMA
The Role of Independent Fiscal Institution in Fiscal Consolidation: Comparison with Supreme Audit Institutions in OECD contries Yoshihito MIYAMOTO

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 55 (MARCH 2017)

Political Elements and Policy Implications of Tax Expenditures Akira YOKOYAMA
Introduction to the Special Issue on Tax Expenditure and Evaluation
Argument of the Definition of the Tax Expenditure in the US, and Its Implication to the Japanese Tax Shigeki MORINOBU
Contributed Articles for the Special Issue
Tax Relief Measures in Local Governments Focussing on Tax Expendiure Reports of State Governments in the U.S. Toshiyuki UEMURA
Tax Expenditures of Corporate Taxation: Pracrtice and Economic Consequences Motohiro SATO
The Significance and Limitation of Tax Expenditure Transparency Act in Japan Hideaki TANAKA
Refereed Article for the Special Issue
Tax Credit/Detection and Tax Expenditure : Empirical Study of the Economic Effects of Public Benefit Corporations Takayuki TAKAHASHI
Mikiharu NOMA
Nobuhiro YAHATA
Refereed Articles
The Adjustment Effect of the Finances of Long-Term Care Insurance・ through Adjusting Subsidies Yasuyuki WAKAMATSU
Measuring Financial Health of Local Governments with Financial Statements Analysis Kentaro HARAGUCHI
A Study of Official Price under “The Comprehensive Support System for Children and Child-rearing” Kenji HAMAMOTO

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 54 (SEPTEMBER 2016)

Developments and Extensions of Accounting Reform in Municipal Governments Hisashi YAMAURA
Refereed Articles
The Hometown Tax Payment System: Current trends and issues Kyoji HASHIMOTO
Yoshimitsu SUZUKI
Utilization of budgetary control functions at hospitals under Diagnosis Procedure Combination Per-Diem Payment System: Budgetary control practices facilitating function utilization Ko ARAI
Preferential public procurement policies and economic efficiency: A comparative study based on Japan and United States Ryoko KAWASAWA
Taishi OHNO

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 53 (MARCH 2016)

Audit and the Upper House of the National Diet in Japan Masaru MABUCHI
Refereed Articles
The analysis of the structure of standard fiscal needs: Evidence from Japanese prefectural data Haruaki HIROTA
Cost accounting system design in social welfare corporations: an empirical investigation using cluster analysis Yoshitaka SHIRINASHIHAMA
Review of PFI in Japan based on the Issues raised in UK PFI Reform Post-2010 Shigemasa TSUBOI
Present Condition and Problems of Unified Standards of New Local Governmental Accounting: Compared with Conceptual Framework and IPSAS of IPSASB Nobuo AZUMA
Game Analysis on Fraud Audit in the Field of Public Audit System Takuji MATSUMOTO

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 52 (SEPTEMBER 2015)

New Challenges and Internal Control Issues surrounding the Corporate Governance Shinji HATTA
Contributed Article
Management Accounting for Subsidized Projects Masaru TAKAHASHI
Refereed Article
On the Earned Income Tax System in Japan :Based on the Comparative Analyses with Swedish Tax System Hiroyuki YASHIO
Effects of Community-Based Care Services to Long-Term Care Disparities and These Structures Hirokazu MATSUOKA
Effect of management accounting at hospitals under Diagnosis Procedure Combination Per-Diem Payment System-Effectiveness evaluation of cost accounting and revenue budgeting- Ko ARAI
The reform and issues of Chinese Auditing System BAI Zhili

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 51 (MARCH 2015)

Measures to Avoid a Fiscal Crisis in Japan Takatoshi ITO
Refereed Article
Economic analysis about tax burden and public service consciousness Tomoko HAYASHI
Yoshio ITABA
Tadashi YAGI
Policy Evaluation and Auditing: Effect of Policy Evaluation on Auditing for Effectiveness Nobuo AZUMA

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 50 (SEPTEMBER 2014)

Accountability for Science and Technology Kiyoshi YAMAMOTO
Contributed Article
Price Audit and Terms and Conditions in Defense Procurement Yasuhiro OHTA
Refereed Articles
An Assessment of Quality in Japanese Cross-cutting and Government-wide Policy Evaluations Naoko MASUDA
Evaluation of Rice Policy under Individual Household Income Support System Naoki ONODERA
Basic Concept and Principles of Public-Sector Auditing: Public-Sector Auditing in Japan Compared to ISSAI of INTOSAI Nobuo AZUMA

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 49 (MARCH 2014)

Perspectives for the Systems of Independent Administrative Incorporations and their Evaluation in Japan Koichiro AGATA
Refereed Articles
The Introduction Effect of NID in Belgian Corporate Tax System Tomohiro INOUE
The Public-Policy Formulation Process of The U.S. Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013: A New Phase in American Internet Sales Tax Reform Yuzo SUGIMOTO
Correlation Analysis between Operational Performance Shift and Profitability Shift at Public Hospitals Reimbursed by Diagnosis Procedure Combinations Ko ARAI
Analysis of Retained Earnings Issue of Social Welfare Corporation : Focusing on Discrepancy between Retained Earnings and Funds Kenji HAMAMOTO

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 48 (SEPTEMBER 2013)

The Use of Governmental Accounting Information in Japan Kazuo AIDA
Deregulation after the Great East Japan Earthquake Hisashi HARADA
Correlation Analysis between Operational Performance and Profitability at Public Hospitals Reimbursed by Diagnosis Procedure Combinations
-Verification of Views Relating to Profitability Improvement-
The Development of Privatization in Swedish Welfare Services for Elderly: Policies for Quality Assurance Madoka WATANABE
An Applicability of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) Contract of the Highways Agency in United Kingdom to Public Civil Works in Japan Mitsuyoshi TANABE
Kazumasa OZAWA
The Incorporated Administrative Agency System Forced to be Reformed: Focusing on Accounting Nobuo AZUMA
Will US Social Impact Bonds Impact Japan? Yuzo SUGIMOTO

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 47 (MARCH 2013)

Direction of the National Spatial Strategy and Infrastructure Investment Shigeru MORICHI
Fiscal Competition with Public Debt -A Positive Analysis for the Impact of Capital Mobility on Fiscal Consolidation- Hiroki TANAKA
Municipal Amalgamations and Its Impact on Local Public Expenditures Ryosuke HAYASHI
The Act on Assurance of Sound Financial Status of Local Governments and the Reaction of Municipalities: The Case of Municipalities in the Kansai Region. Kota SUGAHARA
The Reform of Local Consumption Tax: Criteria for Revenue-sharing Arrangement Kyoji HASHIMOTO
Study on the Relation between City Center Revitalization and Compactification of the City Shunsuke SEKIGUCHI
The Study on Expenses for Medial Services of Public Assistance System in Japan Manami HORI
Adverse Selection, Welfare, and Non-payment of Social Insurance in Japan Naomi MIYAZATO
Analyses of Consumption Tax for Child-Care Service Masaya YASUOKA
The Efficient Impacts of Community-based Care Services on In-home Service and Facility Services Yoshimi ADACHI
Toshiyuki UEMURA
Factors in the Evaluation of Long-term Care Insurance Premiums Kensaku KISHIDA
Efficient Management of the Municipal Hospitals-Regional Cooperation and Functional Differentiation for Medical Care- Yoshimi ADACHI
Correlation Analysis between Quality and Profitability at Public Hospitals Reimbursed by Diagnosis Procedure Combinations: Verification of Traditional Trade-off View in Medical Circles Ko ARAI
The Operational Cost of Local Universities and Fiscal Transfers from Central Government in Japan Miki SUHARA
Nobuo AKAI
The Role of Accounting in the Transformation of Public Management Mari KOBAYASHI
An Analysis of Accounting Standards for Incorporated Administrative Agencies Based on Agency Theory-Uncontrollable Expenses and Reserve for a Specific Purpose- Toshiaki WAKABAYASHI
Cross-country Analysis of Relationships between Tax Autonomy and Tax Externality Eiji FUKASAWA
Administration Reform as Measures for Fiscal Soundness Masahiko FURUYA
Current Situation and Prospection of Disaster Auditing in Japan-From the Experience of Great East Japan Earthquake Nobuo AZUMA

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 46 (SEPTEMBER 2012)

Limits of Administrative Reform Akira MORITA
Stochastic Simulation on Prefunding Health and Long-term Care Insurance Yasushi IWAMOTO
Tadashi FUKUI
Future Projections of Health Care Expenditure and Premium Fees of the Japanese National Health Insurance: Empirical Evidence from Claim Data Michio YUDA
Budgetary Process Change in Japanese Administrative Reform Kenji SHIBA
Significance of Cost Information in Local Governments Shigeo OHTSUKA
A Forecast of the Maintenance and Renewal Cost of the Public Capital and the Effects of the Introduction of Public-Private Partnership Ryuji NISHIMURA
Interest Group Politics and Local Government Finance: A Study of “Gyosei-ishokuin (Government-commissioned Volunteer)” System Hiroaki MORI
The Challenge of Expanding Opportunities of Private Healthcare Providers for Patient Choice in the NHS under the Blair Administration Megumi KASHIWAGI
Status and Problems in Information Disclosure System of the Care Service Kazuhiro YAMAMURA
Application of Accrual Based Financial Information in the United Kingdom: Focused on Policy Evaluation Nobuo AZUMA

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 45 (MARCH 2012)

Proposals for the Reform of Governmental Accounting System Takafumi KAMEI
Usability of the Whole of Government Accounts to Government Financial Discipline: Learning from UK,Australia and New Zealand's Experiences Akira OMORI
The Intertemporal Relationship between National Finance and Economic Growth in Japan Takeyuki HIRAI
On the Consumer Price Sliding Scale in Public Pension System and Consumption – Tax Hike Hiroyuki YASHIO
The Reform of Corporate Income Tax in Japan Kyoji HASHIMOTO
A Study on Financing Reconstruction Plans for Natural Disaster: Risk Sharing by Mutual Insurance System Naoki SAKAMOTO
Change in Municipality Efficiency after the Heisei Amalgamation Satoshi HONMA
Referendums in the Public Policy Process of Local Government Mitsuhiko OKAMOTO
Size and Participation in Prefectural Administration Yu NODA 
New Development of Costing in National Health Service -Emergence and Progress of Patient Level Costing- Ko ARAI
Application of Accrual Based Financial Information in the United Kingdom: Focused on Fiscal Control Nobuo AZUMA

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 44 (SEPTEMBER 2011)

Weighing the Merits and Demerits of Reorganization of the National Universities as Cooperations Takamitsu SAWA
Causal Relationship between National Finance and Economic Growth in Japan Masuo NOMURA
Takeyuki HIRAI
Indirect Tax Burden of Income Groups in Japan Yurie SAITOH
Toshiyuki UEMURA
Cost Efficiency of Public Primary Education in Japan Hitoshi SAITO
Resource Reallocation in Finacial Markets Koji SAKAI
How Have Regional Banks Implemented the Act to Facilitate SMEs Finace under the Relationship Banking? Kazumine KONDO
The Effect of Public Sector Evaluation on Fiscal Soundness of Local Governments: An Empirical Research of Japanese Cities Shigemichi KANASAKA
Haruaki HIROTA
Reform of Citizen's Audit and Suit System in Japanese Local Governments Takao TANAKA
Emergence of hospital costing for influencing employee to manage profit by themselves -Case study of hospital operated by Saga Univercity- Ko ARAI
Risk Based Audit in Governmental Finacial Statements and Supreme Audit Institutions Makoto NAKANISHI
Reform of Administrative Structure in German L?nder: A Case of Lower Saxsony Jiro UNO
Present Situation and Prospects in Environmental Auditing: To Accept Recommendations by INCOSAI Nobuo AZUMA

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 43 (MARCH 2011)

On the Formation and the Maintenance of Social Overhead Capital in Japan Hiroaki HAYASHI
How Have the Japanese Government and the Bank of Japan Combated the Global Financial Crisis? : A Critical Evaluation Nobuyoshi YAMORI
Kazumine KONDO
Rescissions and Treasury Control : the Case of France Makoto NAKANISHI
Estimating the Rest in Revenue of Japanese VAT Yoshimitsu SUZUKI
Program Evaluation and Project-Reviews in Japanese Government Offices Kazuhisa NAJIMA
The Sources of Citizen Satisfaction in Japan Yu NODA
An Evaluation of Financial Position by Balance Sheets and an Administrative Cost Statements - Case Study of Osaka Prefectural Government - Yusuke OKAWA
Nobuo AKAI
An Empirical Analysis of Residential Solid Waste Management in Japanese Municipalities Tadakatsu NAKAMURA
Akihiro KAWASE
Comments on "Effects of Financial Improvement by the Audit Report(Trial Estimation in 2009)” Hiroshi YOSHIDA
The Reform of Corporate Governance of the National Audit Office Nobuo AZUMA

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 42 (SEPTEMBER 2010)

Substantiality and Reinforcement of the Cross-Sectional Policy Evaluation and Government Auditing from the Viewpoint of the Reduction in Uselessness in the National Budget Masao KAWANO
Income Tax Credits to Provide Income Protections in Japan Kousuke SHIRAISHI
Fiscal Discipline and Commitment Shun-ichiro BESSHO
An Analysis of Value for Money by Using the Japanese PFI Data : Planned VFM versus Actual VFM Keiko SHIMONO
Should Central Government Encourage Municipality Merger for Cost Reduction? Akiyoshi FURUKAWA
An Overview of Recent Trends in Audit Reports , with Focus on Social Security Expenditures Manami HORI
Fiscal Transfers from the Federal to Provincial Governments in Canada: The Characteristics and Reforms of Equalization Payments and Block Grants Takehiko IKEGAMI
Introduction of Balanced Scorecard to Prefecture Governmental Hospitals - A Case of Niigata Prefecture Governmental Hospitals - Naoya YAMAGUCHI

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 41 (MARCH 2010)

Cost Benefit Analysis of Income Redistribution Policies Tatsuo HATTA
Reconsidering Conceptual Framework for Public-Sector Entities : Implications for Reporting of Financial Performance by Public-Sector Entities Yoshinori KAWAMURA
The Regressivity of Consumption Tax and its Alleviation Kyoji HASHIMOTO
Between Non-Standard Enployment and Unemployment , Aging , Education : Taking into account for Coresidence and Family Background Yukiko SHIGENO
Political Economy on the Market Based Instruments for Sven RUDOLPH
Environmental Policy : An Empirical Approach Applied to the Introduction Process of EU-ETS in Germany PARK Seung-Joon
A Comparison of Auction Mechanisms in the Emissions Trading Systems Toru MOROTOMI
An Economic Analysis of Healthcare Systems Tetsuro CHINO
Measurement of Efficiency and productivity in the National University Corporations: The Malmquist productivity index Approach Sono YAMASAKI
Yoshio ITABA
Determinant Factors on Unsubsidized Ordinary Expenses: Quantitative Analysis with Focus on Local Political Factors Mihoko KATO
The Introduction of Internal Control System into Central Government : Situation in Foreign Countries and Implication for Japan Nobuo AZUMA

Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu VOLUME 40 (SEPTEMBER 2009)

An Evaluation of Government Policies both in Quantity and Quality Toshiaki TACHIBANAKI
Thinking on Regressivity of Consumption Tax Shigeki MORINOBU
The Privatization of Postal Services in New Zealand : Reexamination of Its “Failure” Nobuyoshi YAMORI
Management Strategies of Credit Association under the Relationship Banking Kazumine KONDO
Policy Evaluation and Budgeting in Japan Hiroshi SHINTANI
Critical Reexamination of the Standard Financial Requirements as General Revenue - The Standard Financial Requirements as Specific Revenue Source Controlled by Each Ministry - Isao OHTSUKA
Land Taxation and a Local-Public-Finance income - Revolve the Tax Break over Farmland - Nobuyuki KABEYA
Yoshio ITABA
Problems and Prospects of Accounting Standards for Incorporated Administrative Agencies : Focusing on Income Determination Nobuo AZUMA
A Thesis on the Accrual Accounting in The United States of America Federal Government - Depreciation as the Main Theme - Tomohiko YOSHIMURA
Coordinated Debt Issuance by Prefectures and Municipalities in Japan Toru NAKAZATO
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